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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the pipe in the 7 thru 18 inch keel roller stainless?

A: No. It is aluminum. The pipe is suspended in the mold when it is filled and the polyurethane completely encases it, inside and out, sealing out the water. They also do not have the separate bushings that can come out of the rubber rollers.

Q: Are they affected by salt water, oil or grease?

A: No. In fact you should use marine grease on the shaft mainly to keep the shaft from rusting. If you can get stainless shafts, great.

Q: My old rocker rollers had bushings in them. Do yours need them?

A: No. The polyurethane is strong enough by itself. Just use some grease when installing.

Q: Do you sell the shafts and brackets?

A: No. We are polyurethane molders.

Q: Do you make custom parts?

A: Yes. Our parent company PCO Urethane can custom make exactly what you need.

Q: I can't find one of your rollers, can I order direct?

A: We will try to help you locate them or special order them through one of our retailers.

Q: Where are your rollers made?

A: In Marshfield Wisconsin U.S.A.

Q: Does sunlight affect them?

A: Sunlight does cause them to darken but this is only a cosmetic change to the surface. It does not affect their durability.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: George Stoltz started making polyurethane horseshoes in 1976. But even though they worked great, the blacksmiths were reluctant to try anything new. We had a boat with keel rollers and we tried replacing the worn out rubber rollers with polyurethane ones and the rest is history.

Q: I have an "insert name" trailer, what rollers do I need?

A: There are way too many makes and models of trailers for us to know what fits what. They also change frequently. To help you figure out which one of our rollers you need we need to know the following: width, diameter, and size of shaft. Don’t try to measure the hole size in the roller, measure the shaft on the trailer.

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